photographer & a friend

Born in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia - March 1977.He was introduced into the world of art by his father (Gouw Tauw Hing), an amateur artist who specialized in portrait sketches and oil paintings. Studied Architecture at Parahyangan Catholic University - Bandung, Indonesia from 1995 - 1999. In 1995 he joined POTRET, a photography club at his university. Here, he began to develop his skill in taking photographs. Some of his works had been chosen for the annual member exhibition. Combining personal relationship between the photographer and the couples with professional works makes his photography-style unique yet very captivating. Looking for the right wedding photographer is like searching for a familiar close friends - you have to be comfortable with him to achieve stunning results. Having a cup of coffee in a sunny afternoon is my favorite time to spend with the couple and talk about anything, from the bride's wedding gown details, annoying auntie Ann that insists bright-red-lips is the latest trend, all the way to the groom's suit style. So, check your wedding-timetable, grab your phone and dial 081 661 5696 to make an appointment with me. We will find out whether photobysondhiar is the right partner for your wedding needs.